BIAS 2016

Hello everybody!

It's been some time, but there is much work to be done.

A week ago, in Bucharest, the international air show (BIAS) was held at the Baneasa airport. Thought it was a nice opportunity to take some pictures of some cool planes, a rare thing since 2001, but some F-18s, some SU-27s, the Romanian air force Mig 21s,  Hawks of Romania with Extra 300s, Flying Bulls, the yakkers, and Jurgis Kairys with his own aerobatic aircraft, called the "Juka", pretty cool. All fine and well, found out about this about one month before and thought i should rent some long lenses, shouldn't be that hard now should it. Well, let's not forget I live in Romania and simple things can turn really complicated really fast. The problem was that there are very very few places where they rent gear and those places have one or two of each kind of popular mostly used lens, and they had been reserved few months earlier and for some months after the event..soo yeah. When doors uhm..get booked .. windows open?! or something like that. The thing is my awesome girlfriend let me use her special Pentax gear :D happy day. I had a k200 some years ago, but about that some other time. So the day was saved by @inkfeder, i think she has some shoots of her own of the show, but you will have to go check out her work for that. 

Right now I'm still editing the pictures from the show, but I just felt I had to give a heads up, some pictures not being as crisp and as pro as the ones done by the people hired for that event, but for a weekend outing i think they are just fine. It was a blast in the past shooting with the K20 (witch has more MP then my D300 but shh..don't tell anybody) and a metal weapon of a 400mm 5.6 lens. I don't know if any of the pics will end up on the website but for sure they are going to be on Flickr and 500px .

I was thinking of making a stream with editing and post on the pictures when major stuff go the BMW shoot, :P but more about that tomorrow. If that sounds good maybe I'll make an account of some sort..find a way of doing it nice and smooth just like a Zeiss focus ring. 

So, leave your thoughts, if anybody is reading this :P aaand until next time,

Keep them shooting peeps!