BMW E46 Shoot

Hello world! 

It's been some time, many things have happened and events have developed beside the photographic activity. But I have to get back in the game. 

A friend of mine had hes car back from the body shop and thought it was a perfect opportunity to do a shoot. With the help of our beautiful and wonderful and much patient girlfriends (@inkfeder) we got the shoot of the night, well .. not quit that night, some post was done also. The final picture can be seen on the website in the automotive section.

Some behind the scenes down below, the timing is well a little bit off..and some of the next 2 3 posts will be also but for more fresh and on the spot updates, the instagram, fb, 500px etc.. are more up to date.

Soooooo like, share and subscribe :D well me and my girl too (@inkfeder) she can hold her own with a camera too :P

Until next time,
Keep them shooting peeps! ;)