A horseback experience

Hello everybody ..well i guess its not everybody coz some place don't have electricity now don't they.

So it was like this: my girl, @inkfeder found about a place #7cai, in Romania, where you could get to ride a horse on a trail, in the mountains aaand she got me into this. I thought it was something new and maybe a little easy on the effort part, had some adventures in the past.., and a good photo opportunity. 

After all that, I decided to live the moment and not photograph the moment..some shots got done inkfeder's camera (cheeky pentax :D) and it was a really nice escape and a big brake from the city chaos. 

A couple of pictures can be seen on the flickr page , more on facebook or if she posts too :D ( hi girl :D ). 

I don't know if this is a good thing to post but good pictures are nice to share anytime. Anybody can follow any of the pages for different but specific approaches for each one, flickr, instagram, 500px, this blog, this page :D share, like and subscribe, it keeps this alive.

Untill next time,
Keep them shooting!

Andrei Popescu