Last but not least a Honda Civic Type ... TDI :P

Good evening monsters and ghouls! This scary thing doesn't come today by coincidence, this creatures steps carefully into the light, making the noises right out of hell. This Halloween, a scary thing, the Honda Civic Type Diesel!!!

I know what everybody is thinking, "enough already with this location and light scheme, you're just pushing it" . Yeah, true that, the last car of this, promise :). Back tot he picture boys and girls. To be completely honest I really liked the way the paint looked in the light, specially in that time of night, we were barely seeing the car, thinking something will be good but that was surprisingly good. We did the most pictures with this one, mostly because it was up for sale and needed some appealing pictures. Nice car overall, not a Type R but not everybody is a ninja. I think next time I will make a collage of pictures with the Civic and get this over with.

That's it for this week, nothing to special beside this. Working on other stuff on the other blog, car guts and engines, take a look on

Until next time,
CheeRS and keep them shooting!