When east meets west

Hello peeps! Another Monday, another week, another pic. The joint strike automotive photo of the shoot. Here it goes:

...much black, much colors, much light, much dark, all covered by a cold ice blanket. Maybe is just me, maybe the photo would have worked better with some warmth ( thank you for your input V, :) specially when done right ) . One over another...like most things i like in life, i start with the hardest and fail miserably. Maybe shooting full black cars with no reflective surfaces, big enough to help shape the cars, wasn't such a good idea. Or maybe I'm having one of those days.  Speaking of supportive friends, like i said myself here, Sergiu gave me the same tip, more light on the cars..by light we understand something reflective and big :) and white :< maybe next time, maybe PS, maybe pipi de rechin ( inside joke ). He keeps me going to, I embrace this chance to thank him for this. He got hes first dslr like..1 year ago or something and now he's killing it with everything he can get his hands on, if you don't believe me, check it out on his instagram, sergiu.hulpe . And last but not least Inkfeder who supports me..and keeps going with all my ups and downs, meanwhile she's doing her stuff, extending her "obsessions" on a new 500px group: some fishy stuff going on over here. 

Anywho, enough with my down mood, let's just do like everyone and blame it on the weather, coz atmospheric condensations is always the root of all evil :P .

Nuf said, I don't know what will come next, I don't know if i would even want to know, the Universe is big and I'm just a patch of black ice.