3 months of nothing?!

Greetings everybody, or better said, just you reading this, hi! nice to see you again :).

It's been some time huh? Not like anybody noticed this absence or was wondering how things are going. Anyway, `nuf with the passive aggressiveness. Guess it would be best for a nicer experience to have a vlog youtube thing .. coz that what people do, they adapt with the times and stuff and crap. Well not gonna happen to soon here. Take it or leave it, it's a good way for me to get some of my thoughts out in writing, and you should start reading more ( see what I did there :> ). 


"what am I looking at ?! " I hear you ask

"what am I looking at ?! " I hear you ask

Last year, in December, had the pleasure of staying at the Ice Hote - Bâlea Lake - Romania ( and that's how it looks from outside ). Not what I expected either, it's not quite the castle from Frozen, but it's something. With bar and individual one ice bed rooms, all at the cozy temperature of -4° C . Out side being something like -6 in the day and -12 with snowstorms in the night..so yeah. What was more interesting was the bad weather and foggy low clouds weather, that turned out to be really good weather for some interesting light and visuals. Tried to make the most out of it, being all worried about the functionality and integrity of the gear, but in reality I was the one giving in by the conditions ( i will not say extreme condition, to be realistic it wasn't the arctic circle with -40 C .. so all good ). 

I'm going to end this quickly, some technical difficulties are happening with my body right now and is making thinking a bit hard, while trying to scrambles vital priorities between other thoughts. 

The plan was to post about each photo, as I got them processed and posted. I will try to do that with the ones i'm working right now ( no spoilers so far, but if you follow me on other medias like flickr or instagram you might know what I'm talking about ). 

You can enjoy the full collection of this trip here.

Until next time,
CheeRS and keep them shooting!