It's here from the Lab - Fujicolor X-Tra 400 and more


Hello and welcome back, i hear you say! Fair enough, i guess, people get sick from time to time.. didn't have the time and mind spirit to do a post..i know it's bad but a week skipped is better the a month or we'll see what the future brings, but for now we have the Fujicolor X-Tra from the lab and the camera back from the check and clean at Kamerawerk.

First thing's first, the results, the prize, the magic, the pictures are here from  the LAB :D. Excited and really surprised in a good way ( both of us ). Some happy accidents here and there, we are still debating weather the color casts of green and purple are from the lens or from the film but :) the nailing the exposure and focus rate really surprised us :) and well, Inkfeder's skills showed their mark :D. Maybe this will happen again some day but first I have to see if i can unstuck the shutter on the Smena ... the thing jammed at the last frame :) good thing it wasn't at the first one.
So peeps, have a look, give a like, write a comment, share with a friend and all the happy social things in this interweb of a thing.

In other news, I decided to clean my D300's sensor. What to do, where to go? in a very casual random event on a facebook group I found out about Kamerawerk. So I decided to give it a try. The check and clean was a really good and awaited thing for my camera. The service being reasonable priced ( cheaper then other places over here ) and definitely after 3-4 hours not days compared to bigger places. For what I got, the process was without opening or dissembling anything but it wasn't need for more, in my case at least. I am really pleased about the care and skill for their craft, and most of all for the speed and result :) . That's how you catch clients, so the next day i have decided to try and fix a broken zoom lens and took it to Kamerawerk for it's salvation, still waiting for that ( understandably is not just dust in the wind kind of process, parts and assembly needed). I'll keep you posted about that. The only thing I am worried is that the cost could be grater then the lens itself, hope for the best.

Here are some before and after pics of the sensor : i can see how dirty my screen is :P i can see how dirty my screen is :P

Untill next time,
Keep them shooting!

Andrei Popescu