Smena 8m doing a Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400, Oh yeah!

Preevyet! Boys and girls. it's Monday, uhuuu, raise the roof! Why so happy i hear you shout to the screen in a very not shouting way :). Well at least it's the last Monday of August of 2016 Ever! so spent it wisely.

Today I will talk about a blast in the Russian past. Check this out:

It's been around longer then me, I don't know how to find the exact date of fabrication but somewhat 40 years ago, my fathers first camera. Thought it would be nice to see how the russian design hangs after time wasn't gentle with it. I got it opened, cleaned up, oiled up, and fixed some leaf shutter timing problems at low shutters (1/60 and 1/30). Next up, put some film in it. And that's when a little blue eyed girl comes in the game, @inkfeder. I thought it would be nice to go analog together and see what's what. So she got the 8m, with a film of her choice (Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400) and i got the Zenit, but more about that in a future episode :D. 

All fine and dandy until I got my hands on it to shoot the last one or two frames and the damn thing jammed. Shutter didn't flip back, film could't be wined back so panic was starting to settle in. Personally, i have a bad background with opening cameras with films so i decided to let the pros do it. I went to the lab i usually go with films and they took care of it, opened the camera in the dark room and recovered the film. Now we wait and see what's what, it's not back from the lab so fingers crossed, i'm ok but little @inkfeder is on the edge of losing it :)) . Pictures are being scanned ( yeah I know I's just for fun..people people ...ALLLO!! settle down and put the rocks away ), it would have been nice to be transferred directly to photo paper. As long as we have the film, maybe some day for now, this will do.

Most of the pictures are from the trips from August we talked about in the past but I can't give any spoilers for now, hopefully the film and some of the pictures made it. After we have confirmation about the success of the shoot and the survival of the film, a follow up post will follow for sure. Keeping you peeps posted on all the social places.. most likely hers :) sooo like share and subscribe.... #inkfeder 's 500px, flickr instagram and all the crazy photo places :D

Fingers crossed and may the film developer solution have mercy upon our souls.

Da sveedaneeya!

Andrei Popescu