Last of the Civic

Hey peeps, got a lot done this weekend, not only photography based but things I had to do for some time and didn't got the chance, putting the other Honda shots was one of them.

I'm not really proud of these but I guess they work, being most keen about the b/w interior one. Lost my editing excitement on this project anyway and didn't spend to much time to make something more then they are. Pretty amazed about the camera abilities, got these ones on iso 1000 and they are pretty much usable, remembering from the shoot that I only saw the real color of the car on the back of my camera, being to dark to see it properly with my eyes. 

I don't know what will be next, run out of photo plans and projects so far. A photo walk might be coming soon, but I don't know anything for sure. More probably I will try some creativity exercises (really need that) and keep posting the progress on this community project. Will get back with more details when I organize my time to do it.

You can see these pictures bigger on flickr and don't be afraid to share any opinions and thoughts.

Until next time,
CheeRS and keep them shooting!