Over 100 flickr followers !!

Well this happened :D I hit the 100 mark and gone beyond. 100 and one followers on flickr :D They are a few in comparison to other people but at least they are true ... i guess.. anywho! It's exciting and as promised things are being done and many things are coming soon, after days and days of editing :< takes forever. 

First thing's first. I just finished working on the pictures from Sweden - Malmö. I'm a little burned out so this might not be as coherent as it should but hang in there, exciting things are following.

I picked 40 pics out of 160 or something like that, I guess I could have filtered them more, but I figured they were slash artsy slash vacation photos so yeah, sharing is caring. After this i will start working in the following days on the Copenhagen pictures and aaafteer thaaat ..mm >:) the good stuff. Some previews were and will be posted on Instagram, if you did not follow yet, well you better. 

On this photography dump...ok that didn't sound good, but anyway, moving forward, I invite you to have look, leave a like, a comment and until next time ;)

Keep them shooting! 

 ...and i will try to keep myself not sleep depraved :D