Ford Fiesta ST - First photo from the shoot

Hello automotive friends! At the end of a weekend, under an urban dusk, three special rides cruise the city in search for a special meetup place. At the head of the pack, the subject of today, a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST MP215, black on black with a nice soundtrack.

As you might have seen this shoot develop on Instagram BTS, if not, please do . At the beginning of the month, I had a one car scheduled shoot that quickly escalated into a 3 car. The more the merrier I always say :D . By the rule, first come first serve, the Fiesta ST got a little extra sunset on its body, to be future posted, and the other 2 turned into a night shoot. All fine and good, but lighting 3 cars in different positions and set ups, showed me the weak link in my equipment, the rechargeable AA batteries, shooting the last frames on fumes. 

More on the other photos at the right time. First the excitement peeked for me, not having time to download the pictures from the camera for 8 days, knowing the potential of the pictures, finally giving in in the weekend and started working on this one. After giving the owner of the Fiesta a sneak peak, the excitement/stress levels changes radically. While he was like, it's ok there just some pictures, there ok, when ever you post them are ready changed to "that looks so cool, when are you posting them officially?". 

About the technical stuff, 50mm 1.8 lens, and 2 speedlights with pocket wizard triggers (doing their job flawlessly) from Stefan from, give him a look and a shout out ;). The rest was on the spot problem solving, not seeing/knowing the location before the shoot.

More will follow, maybe some will be batch posting, maybe not, I will see how things work, but this being the first, will act like a teaser for the rest of the photos.

I have to thank the passionate petrol-heads for the patience and opportunity and the usual emergency assistance. 

Hope you like and enjoy the work and follow the development of the next photos in the next few weeks.

Until then.

CheeRS and keep them shooting !