New goals, new style, new challenges

Hello everybody!

As you might have seen, the website got a fresh new look and feeling. The main reason being that I wanted people to see the work faster, getting rid of the welcome page, which was nice but ain't nobody got time for that :). Also a new section emerged, the Art collection exhibiting more of the printed work, of which I will try to make more this year, either in stand alone works or in collections. All of them being available for purchase either by request or by grabbing some of the future limited editions ( work in progress people ).

For the automotive subject, it will not be left behind, having trouble finding interesting cars, but I am opened to requests. 

So far so good, the website will suffer updates and future minor tweaks in the upcoming period. But one thing I should and will stick by this year, will be to stop making promises and plans. Making plans always brings the unexpected in a more dramatic light. The idea will be, just create, build and showcase. 

Sounds simple but will see how it goes ;)